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JOB 1977 - Transfiguration Lutheran Church, Bloomington MN
Addition and renovation

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Transfiguration Lutheran Church, Bloomington MN

#2100 - Transfiguration Lutheran Church, Bloomington MN addition and renovation.

This organ was originally installed in 1982 as OPUS #1977. The additions include moving the entire organ 24" forward from the wall, adding case extensions, new chests for the swell and pedal divisions and a new electronic control system. The appropriate pistons and controls have been added to the existing console.


Specification and Console Details          
Keyaction: Electropneumatic            
Stopaction: Electropneumatic            
Compass: Manuals   61          
    Pedals   32          
PEDAL ORGAN               Pipes
1 16’ Subbass     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   32
    8’ Flute     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   12
    4’ Openflute     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   12
2 16’ Posaune     (New Pipes and Chest)     32
    8’ Posaune     (New Pipes and Chest)     12
GREAT ORGAN               Pipes
3   8’ Principal     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   61
4   8’  Dulciana     (New Pipes on Existing Chest)   61
5   8’ Pommer     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   61
6   4’ Octave     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   61
7   2’ Doublette     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   61
8 IV Mixture   1 1/3’ (Existing Pipes and Chest)   244
9   8’  Trumpet     (Existing Pipes on New Chest)   61
    Great 16’              
    Great Unison Off            
    Great 4’              
SWELL ORGAN               Pipes
10   8’ Gamba     (New Pipes and Chest)     61
11   8’ Voix Celeste TC (New Pipes and Chest)      
12   8’ Copula     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   61
13   4’ Rohrflute     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   61
14 II Cornet   TC (New Pipes and Chest)     98
15   2’ Principal     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   61
16 III Scharf     (Existing Pipes and Chest)   183
17   8’ Cromorne   (Existing Pipes and Chest)   61
    Swell 16’              
    Swell Unison Off            
    Swell 4’              
  Great to Pedal   8’   Reversible by Toe Stud & Piston  
  Swell to Pedal   8’   Reversible by Toe Stud & Piston  
  Swell to Pedal   4’            
  Swell to Great 16’            
  Swell to Great   8’   Reversibly by Toe Stud and Piston  
  Swell to Great   4’            
  Generals       1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Piston and Toe Stud
  Pedal       1-2-3-4-5   Toe Stud  
  Great       1-2-3-4-5   Piston  
  Swell       1-2-3-4-5   Piston  
General Cancel             Piston  
  Full Organ Reversible         Piston and Toe Stud
CONSOLE DETAILS              
  Existing Signature Holtkamp Stop Tab Console        
  Manual Natural Keys – Plumwood          
  Manual Sharp Keys – Palisanderwood          
  Pedal Natural Keys – Maple            
  Pedal Sharp Keys – Black Plastic          
  Stop Tablets – Cherrywood to match Existing        
  Organ Bench with Adjusting Crank Mechanism        
  Console on Movable Dolly            
  Music Rack Light              
  Pedalboard Light              
  Swell Expression Pedal            
  Crescendo Pedal              
  Crescendo Indicator Light            
  Full Organ Indicator Light            
  New Electrical Control System by SSoS          
  99 Levels of Memory, MIDI In Out and Thru with Internal       
  Swell Expression Motor to be existing: one 5 stage bag type motor    
  Two New Solid State Rectifiers          
  Keyed Start/ Stop Switch Located on Consol        

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