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 New Organs:   A large percentage of the work completed at The Holtkamp Organ Company is new pipe organs.  The mechanical, visual, and tonal aspects of each instrument are as varied as the different spaces in which they are installed.  They can be mechanical action, electropneumatic action, or electric sider action.  In the recent past they have been as small as 6 stops and as large as 67 stops.  They have been installed in spaces as small as a living room, and as large as a cathedral.  Regardless of size, budget, or prominence, each instrument receives the same high level of detail attention during its design, engineering, construction, installation and voicing.


Repurposing an Existing Pipe Organ:  In these days, when church budgets are tight, it is often a challenge to raise the funds for a new pipe organ.  One way to reduce the cost of the project is to repurpose an existing pipe organ. This is a process where, with the assistance of Holtkamp Organ, we would locate an existing pipe organ that is for sale, with roughly the the size and characteristics that will suit your project. The organ is purchased, rebuilt, rescaled, augmented, updated, and reconfigured to the visual design which Holtkamp created for your church, hall, or living room.  The result is a pipe organ that is very close to a new pipe organ in all it characteristics, but at a much reduced price.  Recent projects with repurposed pipe organs are Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Apple Valley MN, Job #2101, and Trinity Episcopal Church, Danville, KY, Job #2111


Rebuild/Renovate:  There are so many pipe organs that have served their congregation or audience faithfully for years without problems.  After fifty years or so, any instrument will begin to show signs of wear, and its reliability will begin to suffer.  At this point the organ needs to be rebuilt or restored (terms which are essentially synonymous).   This process normally involves replacing all the leather in the organ, cleaning all the pipes, and updating the electrical system and wiring. This work can be done all at once or in phases.  Feel free to contact Holtkamp for a quote


Restoration:  It is always a special pleasure to be asked to restore a pipe organ.  This process is different than rebuilding as its intention is, as much as is possible, to bring the pipe organ back to a condition identical to that when it was built. Two notable restorations that we have undertakes are St. Vitus Catholic Church, Cleveland, OH, Job # 2099, and the player organ, Aeolian Opus 1593, at the Historical New Orleans Collection, New Orleans, LA.


Service and Tuning:     Here at Holtkamp we have a highly experienced staff of service technicians, all of whom are well trained in organ tuning and organ repair.  We work primarily in northern Ohio, but also make yearly service visits to New Orleans, Kentucky, and Virginia.  While we provide our services year round, the majority of our service work is completed in the month prior to Christmas and the month prior to Easter.  Please let us know if you would like to be added to our extensive list of service clients.

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