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JOB 2102 - Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church, Brecksville OH


For many years, Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church made good use of a modest unit organ of mixed origin to lead worship. Late in 2009 they became aware that the 1973 Schlicker organ at St. John Lutheran Church, Sinking Spring, PA was for sale.  This became the inspiration for the organ committee and congregation to consider a repurposed instrument with a greatly expanded range of timber.  Upon visiting the organ the decision was made to proceed with the purchase.

In its original installation the organ had mechanical key action, electropneumatic stop action, and was placed in a chamber behind a very open screen.  In its new home the organ in an organ gallery with excellent projection to the congregation.  The size and acoustical properties of St. John Lutheran and Christ the Redeemer were very similar, so no pipe rescaling was needed.  Unfortunately, the location for the console did not make it feasible to maintain the original mechanical key action, so the key action was converted to electric pulldown, and the existing balanced keys were fitted with key contacts and the  traditional Holtkamp spring and cam key action.  The existing tripper type combination action was replaced by a SSoS capture system with 10 levels of memory.  The pipes, chests, frame and wind system were positioned as in the original installation.  A new simple façade was created to fill the front opening of the organ gallery.

Keyaction: Electric Slider
Stopaction: Electropneumatic
Compass: Manuals 56 Notes
  Pedals 32 Notes

1. 16' Subbass 32
2. 8' Gemshorn 32
3. 4' Choralbass 32
4. II Rauschpfeife 64
5. 16' Fagott 32
6. 8' Principal 56
7. 8' Rohrfloete 56
8. 4' Octave 56
9. 2' Waldflote 56
10. IV Mixture 1 1/3' 224
11. 8' Trompete 56
POSITIVE ORGAN (Under Expression)
12. 8' Holzgedackt 56
13. 8' Salicional 56
14. 4' Spillfloete 56
15. 2' Principal 56
16. 1 1/3' Quint 56
17. 1 3/5' Terz 56


Great to Pedal 8' Toe Lever
Swell to Pedal 8' Toe Lever
Swell to Great 8' Toe Lever


Generals 1-2-3-4 Piston


Existing Schlicker Console
Existing Organ Bench
Positive Expression Pedal
Crescendo Pedal
Existing Music Rack Light
Existing Pedalboard Light
Full Organ Reversible - Toe Lever

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