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JOB AR1041 - St. Martin Episcopal Church, Chagrin Falls OH

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St. Martins Episcopal Church, Chagrin Falls OH

St. Martin Episcopal Church, Chagrin Falls OH

It was with great excitement and anticipation that I first visited with the organ committee at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church.  I had been told that that it was their intention to provide a new home for the Miles Park Organ.  This particular instrument was important in the history and development of The Holtkamp Organ Company and pipe organ building in North America.  It was wonderful to know that it would find a new home near Cleveland where it would continue its life leading worship and providing inspiration through public concerts.  I was especially pleased to know that The Holtkamp Organ Company was given the honor of the responsibility for the entire organ project.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we have undertaken and completed the renovation, expansion and installation of The Miles Park Organ at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church.  It will serve the church faithfully and eloquently for many generations to come.

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