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Holtkamp Keyboard Details
Juilliard School Drawknob Console
New Orleans St. Louis Cathedral Drawknob Console
Peabody Institute, Baltimore MD Drawknob Console
Presbyterian Church, Sewickley Drawknob Console
St.Olaf Chancel Drawknob Console
Standard 3 manual Holtkamp Stoptab Console
Old Style Stoptab Console
2 Manual Stoptab Console with movable dolly
Lincoln Theater Organ Console

Holtkamp consoles have been manufactured in many different sizes and configurations. Depending on the application and preference, either Stopkey or Drawknob consoles have been used to control the organ.

The Holtkamp keyboard tracker-touch mechanism imitates the feel on electric keyboards that a tracker organ console would have.

The consoles are either mechanically linked to the instrument and stationary or have a small wire connecting them to the organ. In the latter case they can be made movable with casters. The elecronic switching systems that Holkamp employs in their electrical consoles are often highly sophisticated and allow the organist maximum versatility and freedom of musical expression.


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