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Holtkamp Keyboard Details
Juilliard School Drawknob Console
New Orleans St. Louis Cathedral Drawknob Console
Peabody Institute, Baltimore MD Drawknob Console
Presbyterian Church, Sewickley Drawknob Console
St.Olaf Chancel Drawknob Console
Standard 3 manual Holtkamp Stoptab Console
Old Style Stoptab Console
2 Manual Stoptab Console with movable dolly
Lincoln Theater Organ Console

The Holtkamp console is legendary for its crisp action, solid feel, and robust construction.  They are built in three primary configurations; Holtkamp Signature stop tab, American drawknob, and terraced drawknob.   The key action that we provide on our electropneumatic and electric sider consoles makes use of a unique and unparalleled cam and leaf spring design, which has been an integral part of our work since the 1920’s.  We offer three different schemes for key facings; mammoth ivory and ebony, bone and ebony, and plum wood and palisander.  Our pedalboards are built with maple naturals and sharps to compliment the console material and stain.  Consoles can be stationary or moveable.  If they are moveable, then the Holtkamp Signature consoles are mounted on a movable dolly, and the American drawknob and terraced consoles are built with internal casters.  Benches come standard with and adjustable crank mechanism, and solid walnut seat.  Along with custom designed arrays of pistons and toe studs, we offer a wide range of options including adjustable music rack, bench back, 10 to 999 levels of memory, internal record playback, piston advancer, expression and crescendo bar graph readout, transposer, auto solo, pedal on manual bass, and console clock.  


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